Monday, March 30, 2015

03/29 Fishing Report

Zac and I had an itch to see if there were any striped bass to be caught, so, we headed out Sunday morning for an exploratory trip.  

A 34 degree morning didn't bode well for a temperate bass bite.  

And, a 48 degree water temperature wasn't going to help matters.  While there were no striped fish to be had, the walters were up on the shoals and munching.

A total of six in the boat with three keepers caught on Shuttlecocks, Flashtail Whistlers and Clouser minnows.    

  And, a few whites came out to play in the afternoon.

10 or 12 other boats were out and we never saw much catching going on.  Took off about 5:30 pm for the drive home.    

We'll be back.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

White Bass Wednesday

Water temps are warming into the magic zone, so, Mulvaney and I went to check out the James.  

We started the morning fishing deeper water with flow.  

 Mulvaney with a sow that was released.

The action was slow with a total of 8 (or so) whites.  All the rest being small males.

  Let's motivate and get up to the gettin zone.

It got good.  Giggle out loud good.


We see Lewis Parnell over on the shoal and offer him a boat ride.

"Heck Yeah", he said.

White bass fishing in the Ozarks is the best.

 Sz 6 JF Minnows, Chartreuse & White Clousers, or 1/80 oz White Jigs.


Friday, March 20, 2015

Orso, Missouri

Mark and I went to Orso, Missouri yesterday and had a great day.....40 or so white bass, 20 or so crappie, 8 or so largejaws and two bluegill.  

8 or so doubles during the afternoon

Looking forward to the next month of fly fishing in the Ozarks!


Thursday, March 19, 2015

Back Down to Beaver

Ty, Dennis and Mark went back down to Beaver on Wednesday evening.  It was raining and 40 degrees, but, the white bass are beginning to move up creek.  And they were agreeable with the fly rodders as the crew brought 30+/- into the boat. 

 Contemplative Dennis had the hot rod for the afternoon.

There was also bycatch...Ty with a lamprey on fly

And a carp to round out the day.

The weekend should be "en fuego".  Hope ya'll can get out and enjoy!


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Li'l Early

On Sunday, the creeks were high but fishable.  A little color and current couldn't stop us, from what has become, our annual trip to this creek. 

  Not much paddling.  Bring an anchor and a full cooler.

We worked the edges and deadfalls pretty hard.  A couple of white bass and kentuckies was all there was to show for the day.  None wanted their picture taken.

So Monday, we decided to get down to Beaver Creek.  It was still up and off color. We had similar results.  Not many people fishing from the bank.

Since the catchin's slow, let's do some tilling. 

We did catch a few small whites on the seams.  Fished until dark thirty.  Water temperature was in the low 50's.  No walters.

We will be giving it a try again next weekend.