Monday, August 17, 2015

Blue Dots and Green Dots

The black dots are disappearing and the blue and green dots have returned.  

  That typically means we're not around the house but instead chasing Ozark smalljaws.  So, a stretch was chosen and Kromrey, Kosovich, Nelson and I took the opportunity Sunday morning to float and fish. 

And the fish were willing to show up for a meet and greet.


Our boat threw crawdad patterns in the morning and then a good streamer bite happened in the afternoon on the white Shuttlecock.  Even a few white bass were caught!  In August?  In the river?  Yep.  Weird year.

Hope everyone has a chance to get out.


Monday, August 10, 2015

Good Signs

Jackson Killion was back in town after moving to Denver and he wanted to catch a smallmouth on fly.  So, we hatched a plan to get that accomplished and with Mulvaney riding shotgun we headed out Sunday morning.

The signs were encouraging on the drive out for a successful fishing trip......

1) The cows were up and milling around 

2) We followed a Chevy Impala with a Ventriloquism Dummy in the back window

3) And, the cup de gracey.......Noah's Arc mural
Those three signs had us very encouraged that Jackson was going to get his smallmouth.  And, he did!

Then he hogged up

Mulvaney forgot his hat but the doorag looked good on him as he caught an average fish for the day

I got some action 

And, Jackson decided he also wanted a gar on fly which was subsequently happened pretty quick but the small net thing didn't work out 

So, that one was lost.  But the next one received the, "Rag on the Snout" landing technique...

We fished mostly floating lines on our 5 and 6 weights with Daddy Issues and Slump Busters.  Bigger streamers on sinking lines elicited some follows but no takers.  The spinning rods were taken for the guy fishing the middle but the flies outfished the spinning rod with all of the best fishing falling to flies.  It twas a hoot and thanks for going Jackson and Mulvaney!