Monday, August 17, 2015

Blue Dots and Green Dots

The black dots are disappearing and the blue and green dots have returned.  

  That typically means we're not around the house but instead chasing Ozark smalljaws.  So, a stretch was chosen and Kromrey, Kosovich, Nelson and I took the opportunity Sunday morning to float and fish. 

And the fish were willing to show up for a meet and greet.


Our boat threw crawdad patterns in the morning and then a good streamer bite happened in the afternoon on the white Shuttlecock.  Even a few white bass were caught!  In August?  In the river?  Yep.  Weird year.

Hope everyone has a chance to get out.


Monday, August 10, 2015

Good Signs

Jackson Killion was back in town after moving to Denver and he wanted to catch a smallmouth on fly.  So, we hatched a plan to get that accomplished and with Mulvaney riding shotgun we headed out Sunday morning.

The signs were encouraging on the drive out for a successful fishing trip......

1) The cows were up and milling around 

2) We followed a Chevy Impala with a Ventriloquism Dummy in the back window

3) And, the cup de gracey.......Noah's Arc mural
Those three signs had us very encouraged that Jackson was going to get his smallmouth.  And, he did!

Then he hogged up

Mulvaney forgot his hat but the doorag looked good on him as he caught an average fish for the day

I got some action 

And, Jackson decided he also wanted a gar on fly which was subsequently happened pretty quick but the small net thing didn't work out 

So, that one was lost.  But the next one received the, "Rag on the Snout" landing technique...

We fished mostly floating lines on our 5 and 6 weights with Daddy Issues and Slump Busters.  Bigger streamers on sinking lines elicited some follows but no takers.  The spinning rods were taken for the guy fishing the middle but the flies outfished the spinning rod with all of the best fishing falling to flies.  It twas a hoot and thanks for going Jackson and Mulvaney!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Spey Casting W/ Frank Smethurst


Spey Casting
W / Frank Smethurst
Sunday, July 26th
@ Rim Shoals on the White River

Plateau Fly Shop & Frank Smethurst are offering a full day of spey casting lessons at Rim Shoals on the White River.  The full day class is $100 and all gear, as well as, lunch will be provided.

Space is limited to six.

To reserve a spot call the shop @ 417-889-6548. 

Friday, July 17, 2015

Carpapalooza II

That's right folks!  The "elusive and dangerous common carp" tournament is back for 2015.

And, loads of banter has been thrown around the shop in regards to this year's competition and I'm pretty sure defending champion Mike Kromrey is shivering in his sandals about defending his title. Join in the fun and let's go carpin'!

To join click on the banner or go to 

Saturday, May 9, 2015

A Little Bit of This and A Little Bit of That

Jack Mauer from Wapiti Waters Montana was in town and wanted to smallmouth and gar fish on Friday.  The river had bumped up 200 CFS and had a little stain to it.  Anticipation was good as always but most of the fish didn't get the memo that a guy flew all the way from Montana to see them!  

Jack guides in Montana with Wapiti Waters, is one hell of a good guy and he fished the river really well.   

I stuck this funny lookin pole in the water and pushed the longboat around.

Jack was actually in town visiting family, so, we'll give the smallmouth a break on the guilt trip bite.  This is an average fish for the day with most of them holding on structure out in the channel.  No bank bite to type about.

The best success came on jigged flies like the Plateau Fly Shop original pattern the "Daddy Issues" in orange.  Chartreuse & White was also good.  

 Jack is a bear of a man and his hands are at least 8" wide.....

The gar hole held gar but they had other things on their mind as they're getting ready to do the dirty dance.  And, sight fishing gar usually takes time.  These fish were porpoising and go straight back to the bottom.  We would have caught one if we had time to dredge the hole, but, the 10 mile float had us pushing through some waters. 

Oh well, we'll stick with the smallmouth.

We found 10 fish that wanted to commit to eating and about that many who just wanted a little taste. 

Thanks for going Jack!


Monday, April 27, 2015




1.the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another

The fisheries throughout the Ozarks are ample and ever changing.  Fewer and fewer white bass reports are an indicator that our focus needs to change.  And, just like catching prespawn white bass, there is a short window for prespawn smallmouth.   


So, Kyle, Brent and I floated the North Fork of the White on Sunday.  The longboat coupled with a 1,000 CFS, a cooler full, and good friends generally equal a good time.  Fishing was stellar, as well. 

Bass fisherman Brent caught his first NFOW 'bow on the 11' 3# Douglas.

And, Kyle catches his usual slobs.  We saw a few beds but they had goggle eye on them.  The smallmouth we caught chased down our baits which equaled good action and giggles all around. 

I even got in on some Czech nymphing trout action.

While we had all day action, numbers of fish aren't a concern on a trip such as this.  This was Kyle's "last hurrah for a while" as he is transitioning to a new job and moving to Kansas City.  We wish him, Bethany, Bryant and the newest little bun in the oven all the best in their new endeavor! 

After the float and fish, Brent and I went down to Dawt Mill to check out the breach in the dam.   

We fished for about 30 minutes and didn't catch anything.  But, we deduced higher flows will definitely draw fish up into the river through the breach....even lake run brown trout like this one I caught below Dawt Mill in February, 2013.

The Ozarks 12 month a year fishery is transitioning again.  Spring is sprung and summer here we come.   

Friday, April 24, 2015

Bassin' With Mulvaney

A cold front providing some 40 degree nights didn't have us encouraged about chasing temperate bass, so, Mulvaney and I went out and did a little bass fishing on the lake. 


  The strip, strip, pause of throwing a Shuttlecock on sinking line is a very addictive way to fish especially when you see the fly disappear in a flash of white bellied bronze goodness.  


Mulvaney's largemouth chomped the fly and immediately gave him the run under the boat.  A significant bend in the ol' Sage brought the best fish of the day to the net.   

Bucketmouth it was.

And another. 

  We basically covered a bunch of water and casted our butts off until backs hurt, egos were checked and visions of 7# smallmouth diminished.....until the next time......

I'll get a SBS of the Shuttlecock up as it's been both a very productive and fun fly to fish.

And oh yeah, I can't wait for Smallmouth Season to arrive full swing!

Missouri Department of Conservation Completes 2014 Lake Taneycomo & Table Rock Lake Reports


Thank you David Casaletto @ Ozarks Water Watch for the links ( 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Beginning Fly Fisher Class

Beginning Fly Fisher Class
Saturday, May 9th
9am - 1pm

Learn the Fly Fishing Basics
With Plateau Fly Shop & Mountain Spring Trout Park

This class is a perfect course for either the beginning fly fisher or the person wanting a refresher course in essential fly fishing skills.  The four hour class will include:

Casting Lessons
 Knot Tying Lessons
Leader and Tippet Essentials
And a One Hour Fishing Excursion to Mountain Spring Trout Park

Cost of the Class is $75 Which Includes:

All Flies for the Day


A Leader

Tippet for the Day

An Additional 25% discount is available on tippet and leader day of class

Bring your fly rod and reel.  If you don’t have one, a set up will be provided

Space is Limited

Contact Plateau Fly Shop now to reserve your space!

Plateau Fly Shop
2863 S. Campbell Ave.
Springfield, MO 65807

Friday, April 17, 2015

Go When You Can Go Or Even When You Can't Go

The lawn mowing, weed eating, laundry, recycling, bill paying, and dishes will all be there when you get back.

Bill and I launched around 3:30 pm to find my outboard didn't want to start.  So, we resigned ourselves to the trolling motor mode of transportation for the afternoon. 

It took us a minute to get up to the current and, when we did, numerous failed hookups on fish coupled with numerous successful hookups on rocks and trees told me to just, "Settle down Francis" and be patient. 

The company was good and the catchin' got better.  

.....I think the lawn mowing can wait another week......


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Smallmouth Tactics for the Fly Fisher

Smallmouth Tactics for the Fly Fisher 

Saturday, June 6th

W/ Plateau Fly Shop, Plateau Guide Service & Ozark Sweetwater Guide Service

Spend a day with the guys from Plateau Fly Shop and Ozark Sweetwater Guide Service and learn the ins and outs of fly fishing for smallmouth bass.  The day will include:

A Smallmouth Presentation by Jeff Trigg from Ozark Sweetwater Guide Service @ 9am
½ Day Guided Float Trip on the James River
Fly rods, reels and 6 flies provided for the day. 
 Lunch Included
Discounts available on additional flies the day of the class.
Space limited to 6 students.

Cost of the class is $150.

Contact Plateau Fly Shop now to reserve your space.

Plateau Fly Shop
2863 S. Campbell Ave.
Springfield, MO 65807