Friday, April 24, 2015

Bassin' With Mulvaney

A cold front providing some 40 degree nights didn't have us encouraged about chasing temperate bass, so, Mulvaney and I went out and did a little bass fishing on the lake. 


  The strip, strip, pause of throwing a Shuttlecock on sinking line is a very addictive way to fish especially when you see the fly disappear in a flash of white bellied bronze goodness.  


Mulvaney's largemouth chomped the fly and immediately gave him the run under the boat.  A significant bend in the ol' Sage brought the best fish of the day to the net.   

Bucketmouth it was.

And another. 

  We basically covered a bunch of water and casted our butts off until backs hurt, egos were checked and visions of 7# smallmouth diminished.....until the next time......

I'll get a SBS of the Shuttlecock up as it's been both a very productive and fun fly to fish.

And oh yeah, I can't wait for Smallmouth Season to arrive full swing!

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