Monday, April 27, 2015




1.the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another

The fisheries throughout the Ozarks are ample and ever changing.  Fewer and fewer white bass reports are an indicator that our focus needs to change.  And, just like catching prespawn white bass, there is a short window for prespawn smallmouth.   


So, Kyle, Brent and I floated the North Fork of the White on Sunday.  The longboat coupled with a 1,000 CFS, a cooler full, and good friends generally equal a good time.  Fishing was stellar, as well. 

Bass fisherman Brent caught his first NFOW 'bow on the 11' 3# Douglas.

And, Kyle catches his usual slobs.  We saw a few beds but they had goggle eye on them.  The smallmouth we caught chased down our baits which equaled good action and giggles all around. 

I even got in on some Czech nymphing trout action.

While we had all day action, numbers of fish aren't a concern on a trip such as this.  This was Kyle's "last hurrah for a while" as he is transitioning to a new job and moving to Kansas City.  We wish him, Bethany, Bryant and the newest little bun in the oven all the best in their new endeavor! 

After the float and fish, Brent and I went down to Dawt Mill to check out the breach in the dam.   

We fished for about 30 minutes and didn't catch anything.  But, we deduced higher flows will definitely draw fish up into the river through the breach....even lake run brown trout like this one I caught below Dawt Mill in February, 2013.

The Ozarks 12 month a year fishery is transitioning again.  Spring is sprung and summer here we come.   

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